What is the MDVIP program?

MDVIP is a personalized, preventative healthcare program that empowers people to lead the healthiest lives possible. Affordable, concierge style medicine at its best.

MDVIP started as an idea — an idea that was sparked in the minds of a few visionary doctors who were seeking to rekindle their passion for medicine once again, who knew there had to be a better way to fully care for — not merely treat — the patients who flooded their waiting rooms and who believed the healthcare system had lost its way.

The MDVIP model was created with the hope and vision of bringing more life to more lives — both young and old — by putting impersonal healthcare practices and tactics aside, and embracing a new way of healing. MDVIP has always put the patient at the heart of everything we do. We see patients as people — not numbers or charts — but unique individuals with their own personal story. And, because we are all different, healthcare should be designed specifically for your needs, your goals and your aspirations.

MDVIP seeks to achieve this by combining the high-tech tools of today and the high-touch practices of the past to make patients and doctors happier and healthier.

MDVIP's approach to healthcare is proactive, instead of reactive. Unlike a traditional primary care practice, Dr. Cooperstein, your MDVIP-affiliated doctor, will take the extra time to get to know you, your lifestyle, and your current health through consultations, comprehensive screenings and advanced testing.

Member Benefits

MDVIP strives to provide our members with more than just healthcare. We go above and beyond what the traditional primary care practice offers. Our holistic, proactive approach to healthcare addresses your physical, mental and emotional well-being through one-on-one counseling and comprehensive diagnostic testing. Unlike traditional practices of 2,000 patients or more, we ensure each MDVIP-affiliated doctor cares for 600 patients or fewer, so you receive the extra time and attention you deserve. Additionally, we provide you with convenient appointments and the benefits of our Travel Advantages program, Medical Centers of Excellence program, and online access to your Personal Health Record.

MDVIP Wellness Program

Dr. Cooperstein will form a partnership with you focused on better health and overall well-being that starts at day one. Working side-by-side, you will develop a comprehensive Wellness Plan tailored to meet your unique needs, while also helping you manage acute or chronic medical needs as they arise. Taking into consideration your goals and the most critical areas of your health, Dr. Cooperstein will develop a customized wellness plan suited to your lifestyle and support you along the way to living a healthier, more vibrant life.

Our medically-based wellness program aims to prevent heart disease from being the leading cause of death among men and women, to stop diabetes from touching half of all Americans by 2020, to help 40 million Americans tackle depression head on, and to encourage healthy eating and exercise habits to stop the spread of obesity. It is because of each of these statistics that we created a wellness program that emphasizes the following areas:

Our goal is to provide you with the necessary support and medical expertise that you need to accelerate your journey to improved health.

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